Youth Amity Deters' Report from Leader Training Program

April 25, 2018

The Counseled Becomes A Counselor

by Amity Deters, First-Time Counselor for Oregon-Idaho Camps 2018

Counselors Experiencing Levity at Camp Magruder in early April

I’ve been going to camp since third grade and the memories I’ve made are some of my favorites. I’ve always had a great camp experience and a lot of that was because of my counselors and the people in leadership roles. I remember my counselors always making sure I felt included and welcomed during camp. They made sure I stayed safe and had fun.

Now that I’m old enough to counsel, I want to give that same experience that I had to the kids going to camp now.

I went to a training a Camp Magruder a couple weeks ago and I learned about a lot of the things that go into becoming a good counselor or leader. One of the things that is most important for counseling or leading is keeping your kids safe. We learned a lot of tactics to keep them safe such as being in truddies (exploring camp activities in groups of three), and learning to be comfortable in a position of authority and using that authority to set rules and lead activities and not to use that authority in a negative way. We talked a lot about good qualities of counselors and leaders and how we can strive to show as many of these qualities as we can. Of course, as any human would, we make mistakes and when we make them, we need to recognize our mistake and then do our best to fix it for the future. I believe good leaders exhibit understanding, patience, humor, and so many other elements.

The leaders of the event taught us new games and graces. One game I learned was Gaga Ball; While I’ve never heard of this game before I was quickly shown how to play and discovered how fun it was! I can't wait to teach the kids this summer!

The Counselor and Leadership training taught me about so many things I didn’t even know were involved in counseling and I’m really glad I attended.


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