Magruder Replaces Cross, Discovers Community in Christ

October 18, 2017

Early in August, the cross had stood at the ocean beach for a long time went missing. While it was not the original, this cross had a great deal of sentimental value to many. Needless to say the loss was disappointing.

Andrew, a summer staffer, had created a temporary cross to stand in place of the old one. Our maintenance man Rik took those pieces and fashioned a new cross. Later that week, the whole staff carried the cross to the beach where the old one had stood. We wrote prayers on pieces of brown paper and buried them in the hole we dug for the new cross, then we planted it and filled in the hole with sand.

We gathered around it and placed our hands on it. We prayed a prayer of dedication. We prayed for what the cross will represent to us and generations of campers. We prayed about loss and disappointment. We prayed for the hope that can rise up out of loss and wished for that in our lives and the lives of so many around the world. We acknowledged that these days are filled with sadness, pain, anxiety, and disappointment. We hope not to dwell permanently in the pain, but to eventually fill those empty spaces with something new and beautiful. And like we built the cross, this is work we do together.

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