Magruder Gray Foundation Progress

March 26, 2018


In 2018 Camp Magruder is eligible for $35,000 from the Gray Family Foundation towards camp maintenance projects. In order to receive the grant money, Magruder will need to raise $17,500.

We've raised $8,490 so far!!

That means if (you can make that a WHEN!) we are successful and raise the remaining $9,010, Camp Magruder will receive $52,000 for maintenance projects.

Projects that have been proposed for the grant money include:

* Remodel of Walworth Center ground floor as first aid station with modern heating and windows
* Complete window replacement in Carrier Dining Hall with energy efficient windows
* Complete installation of heat pumps in Carrier Dining Hall to replace costly gas burning boiler
* Repair damage and short term patchwork on Wetlands Trail bridge

Join us in this endeavor to improve this place where so much important work takes place. Even small donations get us closer to improving our guests’ experience and our ability to offer Christian hospitality and spaces of learning. We have already received several thousand dollars towards our goal. Our goal can be reached before an April or September 2018 deadline to receive the grant.

The Gray Family Foundation is an organization that supports Outdoor Learning. This particular grant is designed to help camps who serve outdoor schools cover maintenance and offer higher quality experiences to students all over Oregon.

Follow the link to donate online and securely to Camp Magruder''s campaign!

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